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ACSM's Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2020

ACSM's Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2020

  1. Wearable technology includes fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices.
  2. High-intensity interval training(HIIT) programs typically involve short bursts of high intensity bouts of exercise followed by a short period of rest or active recovery.
  3. Group exercise instructors teach, lead and motivate individuals through intentionally designed in-person movement classes of more than five participants.
  4. Free weights, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine ball classes do not just incorporate barbells into another functional class or activity. Instructors start by teaching proper form for each exercise and then progressively increase the resistance once the correct form is accomplished.
  5. Personal training includes fitness testing and goal setting with the trainer working one-on-one with a client to prescribe workouts tailored to the individual's needs and goals.
  6. Exercise is Medicine (EIM) is a global health initiative that is focused on encouraging primary care physicians and other health care providers to include physical activity assessment and associated treatment recommendations as part of every patient visit and referring their patients to exercise professionals.
  7. Body weight training programs are all about using the weight of the body as the training modality through a combination of variable resistance and neuromotor movements through multiple planes.
  8. Fitness program for Older Adults-People today are living longer, working longer and remaining healthy and active much longer than in past generations. Currently fitness programs for older adults cater to the needs of the Baby Boom and older generations.
  9. Health/Wellness is a growing trend to integrate behavioral science into health promotion and lifestyle medicine programs. Health/Wellness coaching uses a one-on-one (and at times small group) approach with the coach providing support, goal setting, guidance, and encouragement.
  10. Fitness Professionals who have been certified by educational programs and certification programs that are fully accredited have a base of knowledge that is essential for performing the tasks of the job. 
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